Survey project for installation of automatic

Survey project for installation of automatic

Survey project for installation of automatic

long-distance water measurement system at Tha Chin River Basin

Water is an important natural resource of the country for consumption, industry and agriculture. The changes in both of quantity and qualitative of the water during various periods of the year, causing the imbalance of existing water use which caused both life and property damage. For example, in the year 2011, the area of ​​65 provinces, which includes the area of ​​the Tha Chin River basin there were 815 people killed, 3 people lost. People affected by the problem were more than 14,037,556 people or about 4,213,404 households, with agricultural damage expected. The service industry will affect the gross domestic product (GDP) at the annual price down by 248,386 million baht and will affect the economic growth, down 2.3 percent.

In 2011, Floods affected agricultural sector affected by 12.11 million hectares, most of which were rice planting area 9.77 million hectares, 1.77 million rai of field crops and 0.57 million hectares of other horticulture for fisheries. Aquaculture areas are expected to be damaged, divided into 214,461 fish ponds and shrimp ponds / crabs / shells, 53,556 rai. In addition, livestock there are 220,209 farmers affected by the animals affected by 29.41 million.

            Not only the flood problem Thailand still faces drought. In some areas, for example in 2005, the drought caused about 7,565 million baht worth of damage and the drought also affected the manufacturing sector in many areas causing to stop production and loss of income worth hundreds of millions baht which does not include water quality problems that affect the environment and consumption which will be more intense, respectively.

From the problems and impacts mentioned above Can alleviate violence by systematically managing water throughout the country Which quantitative data And water quality is the basic information of the top priority that will be used for water management obtaining volume data, accurate and fast water quality will lead to water management for decision making, correcting and preventing problems that occur accurately, quickly, in time and effective to reduce the loss of life and property at the provincial, regional and country levels.

Therefore, to obtain accurate meteorological, hydrological and water quality data fast, timely used as a database as well as being able to connect as a network for analysis and solving problems of the watershed in central Thailand including effective water management consistent with the demand for water in various activities appropriately. The Department of Water Resources conducted a survey study to install the telemetry system for the Chao Phraya River Basin Management in the fiscal year 2009 and considering that it is urgent needs. The personnel factors, including budget and completeness in the area, therefore selected watershed areas that are at high risk of flooding that has a chance of having water crisis problems always come to work first.

Which the Tha Chin River Basin area in 2011 faced with flooding problems due to heavy rainfall in the area, the amount of water overflow and sea level support during September and October all in the area of ​​Tha Chin River Basin The general condition of Tha Chin River Basin is as follows.

Tha Chin River Basin Located in the middle of Thailand and on the right bank of the Chao Phraya River With a total basin area of ​​13,461.63 square kilometers, most of the area is in 13 provinces, namely Bangkok Karnchanaburi Chai Nat Province Nakhon Pathom Nonthaburi Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Ratchaburi Province Samut Songkhram Province Samut Sakhon Province Sing Buri Province Suphanburi Province Ang Thong Province and Uthai Thani Province. Basin characteristics, positioned along the north-south direction North, adjacent to the Sakae Krang River Basin South to the Gulf of Thailand East, adjacent to the Chao Phraya River Basin And west, adjacent to the Mae Klong River Basin.

General characteristic of Tha Chin River Basin is a plain along the river which is the same plain with the lowlands of the Chao Phraya River, the upper west of the basin is at the foot of the hill but there is not much high level, while the middle and lower part are the lowlands, contacting the lowlands of the Mae Klong River Basin. Tha Chin River separates to the right bank of the Chao Phraya River at Makham Thao Subdistrict Wat Sing District Chai Nat province flowing through Suphan Buri Province Nakhon Pathom Province and out to the gulf of  Thailand at Samut Sakhon province Tha Chin River has various names from the upstream to the mouth of the river is the canal that is Makam Thao River Suphanburi Nakhon Chai Si River and Tha Chin River.

  1. Automatically develop long-distance data measurement system (Telemetry system, meteorology – hydrology and water quality). This is a measurement and collection of data on meteorology, hydrology and real-time continuous water quality (Real-Time Data Collection) in the Tha Chin and Sakae Krang watershed areas.
  2. Develop mathematical models For applying in water management throughout the year (Flood, drought and wastewater) including surveillance, forecasting and warning during the water crisis using meteorological data, hydrology and water quality in real-time data collection from telemetry systems and / or from importing other information For maximum efficiency In the Chao Phraya Tha Chin Basin and Sakae Krang Basin by developing the program in the automatic water situation monitoring and presentation in the form of the water crisis map at various times Including the system of preparing the situation report of Chao Phraya Basin Tha Chin and Sakae Krang for executives (Executive Summary)
  3. Develop and improve the database system of Chao Phraya Tha Chin River Basin and Sakae Krang in water resources geography and the warning information presentation system for linking / transferring data between regional offices And the central part of the Department of Water Resources is fast, stable and efficient that should have a section that can present these information to the public in the form of presentations via the internet network and other appropriate channels for monitoring water conditions in an instant and covers the Chao Phraya River Basin and Sakae Krang River Basin.
  4. Develop a Decision Support System (DSS) for water management in the Chao Phraya River Basin and Sakae Krang River Basin.
  5. Develop a model link system Database and others with the measurement system Remote water conditions in the Chao Phraya River Basin And flood warning and warning systems – Early Warning System of the Department of Water Resources in the Chao Phraya Tha Chin Basin and Sakae Krang Basin.
  6. To transfer technology and training for the staff of the Department of Water Resources, including the use of automatic remote water measurement systems in mathematical models for equipment and control systems including other aspects related to the system.
  7. To increase the efficiency of water management in the Chao Phraya River Basin and Sakae Krang River Basin to appropriate in the event of prevention and alleviate water crisis problems.
  1. There is a systematic development of automatic remote data measurement networks. in the Tha Chin and Sakae Krang watershed areas to increase water management efficiency.
  2. There are a mathematical model and the system for decision making in water management Watch for forecasts and warnings when water crisis is effective. In time In the Chao Phraya River Basin Tha Chin and Sakae Krang
  3. There are useful information that can be used for monitoring, forecasting and warning when the water crisis is effective, can be applied to other watersheds and can be continued in the future.
  4. Increase efficiency in water management of weirs and dams or hydraulics buildings which is located in the main river in the Chao Phraya River, Tha Chin and Sakae Krang watershed.